Homeland Brigade

The Beginning of the Beginning

Call it what you like, a blog, a recap...

The adventurers spent much too long underground looking for treasure and excitement and it dawned upon them after about a week that they had no idea how to get back to the surface. Obviously they could try to go back the way they came, but there were so many twists and turns in the cavern that this might well have been an impossible task. And besides, they only had enough provisions for another day or two.

The decision to carry onwards brought them through many more mazes of tunnels, some of which were nearly vertical in slope. They successfully navigated ledges and pits (with minor difficulty involving the weight of Donovan) and carefully crept by a gathering of ferocious animalistic critters hereby dubbed “Boogeymen” (with only a minor starfish injury at the expense of Yam). The tunnels came to become more carved in nature, and the adventurers soon found themselves in an ancient dungeon. It wasn’t long before a group of zombies pushed themselves up from underground, attacking on sight. The battle was over quickly as the party overwhelmed these undead.

A split in the path led to another decision. The halfling (What halfling?) decoded some etchings written in an ancient form of undercommon. He deduced that one path lead to the servant’s quarters whilst the other went towards the royal crypts. The party, stomachs growling and greedy eyes sparkling, decided to check out the royal crypts.

This decision led them down many hallways, upwards of one of which had summoning runes etched in the wall effectively functioning as arrow traps. Fortunately, Eric had quick reflexes and only got shot a little bit. Julia Wizard used her knowledge of Arcana to dispell the runes, and the party continued. They arrived at a bit of a crossroads occupied by what appeared to be a pool of mist. From the mist rose many skeletal dogs, who lept forward as a gate slammed shut behind the adventurers. With no place to go but forward, they fought the dogs, finding it especially difficult to hurt them due to their shifting bones. At one point, Stevie and the halfling (What halfling?) both fell into the mist, but felt no ill effect.

Dogs defeated, three new passages were available to the adventurers. Each had it’s own feel. One was emanating evil vibes, one was pretty much ‘meh’, and the other was broadcasting a positive feeling.

Prancing down the ‘evil’ hallway, the adventurers didn’t have to wait long for the passage to start collapsing. Running for their lives, and stopping briefly only to pick up a Mysterious vase found hanging from a chain in a small alcove, the characters emerged, dusty and bruised into a hallway forming a circle. In the middle of the circle, on opposite ends, were two doors. The adventurers split up into two groups and entered the central room at the same time. They were greeted by many skeletons, most of which rushed into battle. These undead hadn’t weathered the years well, and they didn’t last long. A few minor bits of treasure and eight ceremonial daggers were found in the coffins of the room. After the last skeleton fell, a grating sound was heard.

A hidden door had been revealed, and it had many of the old undercommon words carved into it. One decoding later, and a number puzzle was revealed. The solution was not hard to find thanks to the expert translation of the clues by the halfling(What halfling?). Behind the door was a chest containing an odd sickle-like weapon with the bladed edge on the outside. There were also another set of words, translated on this page.

The party soon found their way down another tunnel and ended up back in the first room where they fought the Zombies, emerging from the servant corridor. They made their way back to the skeleton dog crossroads where they took the ‘meh’ path.



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