The pantsless wonder




Scrag was a jailer/executioner in a small town, not because he liked it but because he could not hold any other job and his strength qualified him to be a jailer. This being a small town, he got to know his prisoners well for lack of anything else to do. He got to know one prisoner particularly well, a young Goliath named Lo-Kag. Scrag discovered that this Goliath had come to this prison because he had stolen food to help support his village located in the nearby mountains. Scrag released Lo-Kag and a Halfling that he seemed to know well who was imprisoned with him. Lo-Kag could not find anything left of his village after he was freed. The Goliath and Halfling joined an adventuring crew together and the Half-orc found work in another small town. Some time later Scrag was narrowly avoiding the law and had an opportunity to change places with the Goliath. He had decided that he was done with adventuring anyways after having an arm torn off. Lo-Kag did not tell Scrag how he got these wounds but went off by himself to find what had become of his village. Only the Halfling knew the true identity of the Half-orc, who decided to assume the identity of the Goliath.

Hated enemies: Caleb that one Halfling (what Halfling?) Suspicious of the Halflings motives and how the Goliath got so badly injured.

Love interests: Caleb that one Halfling (what Halfling?) Only person in the adventuring crew that he has any knowledge of.


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