Homeland Brigade

Gnolls Duergar and Drow- Oh My!

Suddenly NPCs, Thousands of them.

Everyone split up and visited the main cities of both the Duergar (the city of Silversgleam) and the Gnolls (the city of Glory) and convinced the leaders of the two bands (Amenshan and Ebsaxton respectively) to attend a meeting in order to discuss land claims and such. The Owl Society agreed to host the meeting.

Stevie, Yam, and Caleb went to Silversgleam

Eric, Julia, and Don went to Glory

In the cities:

Stevie saved Nightengale from certain death with some help from Zavia the duergar cleric after she contacted some sort of a rotting disease by unknown means.

Trian rescued Pheonix from a scheduled execution.

Niavara won the friendship of Rehecraw the gnoll by helping him give his friend Tirra a proper burial.

Yam was ejected headfirst from Traben’s stalactite mansion after failing to please him at dinner.

Caleb successfully defended Traben’s property from statue defilers at the request of Marendithas.

Scrag saved Roc’s sassy ass from a barfight with someone to whom he owed money or something.

After returning to the Owl Society, the adventurers decorated the place and obtained the food and supplies they would need for negotiations.

When the date came for the negotiations, something very strange went down… It’s safe to say things did not go as planned…



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