Homeland Brigade

Cannon Beetles fought; The Owl Society Met

And you only wanted to find some treasure...

The party now entered the largest room they had encountered so far. There was a 10ft. wide and 60ft. long bridge leading to the opposite side of the room where a large ornate casket was resting with inlaid jewels clearly visible. Standing stubbornly on the other end of this bridge were four man-sized black bombardier beetles. On either side of the bridge was a pit, dropping roughly 30 ft. to the dark cave floor below. Patrolling this floor on either side were some skeletal dogs. In the center of each pit was a large, square, flat pillar slightly higher than the entrance bridge. On each of these pillars were stone ladders leading upwards to a second bridge perpendicular to the first and 15 ft. overhead. Standing on this upper bridge was a decorated skeleton mage and three lesser skeleton axemen.

Upon entering the room, the skeleton mage fired a green bolt of acid at Donovan and shouted to the adventurers that they would be ‘punished for their trespassing!’ No sooner had the words left his mouth then the Avenger launched a perfectly timed attack, pulling the mage off of the bridge and down into the pit where his body shattered on impact.

After this anticlimactic defeat of the apparent leader of the opposition, the adventurers went through a dangerous grind against the skeletons and the beetles. Julia summoned a fire warrior that soon exploded. The beetles then revealed their true nature and began firing clay balls at high speeds towards the party! After being blown off of their feet more than a few times (notably Yam), the adventurers heard the alarmingly familiar sound of a hundred knives scraping the walls from the hallway where they entered the room from. The knife elemental glided into the room and began to fiendishly attack everyone in sight. The wizard began using her mage hand cantrip to disable some of the knife elemental’s knives whilst the halfling (what halfling?) took personal revenge upon Donovan for previously setting his tent on fire.

The enemies were slowly falling, but not before the revenge succeeded as the revenger sent the revengee toppling off of the upper bridge and into the pit, hurting him badly enough to where he should have been killed. The revenger then disappeared mysteriously (if he had ever been there at all). Whilst Yam and Eric held of the opposition for a few more moments, Julia lost her cool and ran to Donovan to try and help him. Miraculously, the green acid from the enemy’s attack was distilled from adrenaline, keeping him conscious. While this acid was trying to kill him, it was also keeping him alive! The skeletal dog in the pit made off with his arm which had been torn off completely.

With a great deal of aid from Stevie, the party managed to stabilize him long enough to finally escape from the caverns, but not before it was discovered that the casket on the other end of the room was empty (and the encrusted stones were pried loose of course).

The tunnel they escaped from (beside the casket) appeared to have been dug over a long period of time by scratching the stone away. They followed this tunnel to the bright light of the outdoors.

With Don fading fast, it was only a stroke of luck they found a small wandering party made up of Pigeon the dwarf bard, Roc the human warlock and Nightengale the drow ranger. These three introduced themselves as members of the Owl Society and quickly hustled the adventurers back to their institution, save for Roc who elected to search the cave the adventurers had just emerged from.

As Don was patched up using powerful magic, the party met the remaining members of the Owl Society: Owl the half-elf cleric and headmaster, Raven the elf shaman, Ostrich the halfling avenger, and Pheonix the fire genasi fighter. The adventurers had a well deserved meal and then went to bed. Raven invited Julia to rest in his guest room which had a luxury bed, and she did so.



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